The immersive quality of iQ hearing aids — combined with AGX® Hearing’s renowned, industry-leading benefits, like no whistling or feedback, superior speech detection, and automatic noise reduction — helps people with hearing loss connect, hear, and interact with everyday experiences as naturally and effortlessly as possible.

Our new iQ lineup includes AGXsm iQ, our 900sync™ technology wireless hearing aid; AGXsp iQ, our smartphone-compatible hearing aid; and AGXssl iQ, our newest invisible-incanal hearing aid.

Inspired by Virtual Reality Research

Being truly present in the moment involves a sense of immersion — knowing where sounds are coming from in order to help you feel a part of your surroundings. iQ hearing aids help you do that with proprietary Acuity™ Immersion technology designed to:



  • Restore the natural benefits provided by the ear to improve speech audibility and spatial awareness
  • Improve hearing directionality for a more natural, safer listening experience
  • Spatial hearing is the brain’s early-warning system, simultaneously sensing all the space around us and providing the feeling of connectedness. With Acuity Immersion, iQ wearers have the ability to localize sounds and reassert spatial perception.

    AGXsm iQ and AGXssl iQ

    Designed to provide high-quality, natural sound in even the most challenging environments, AGXsm iQ and AGXsssl iQ hearing aids work with SurfLink wireless accessories to provide ear-to-ear streaming of calls, music, and media, with remote hearing aid control and a personalized hearing experience.

    The AGXsm iQ hearing aid is available in both custom and behind-the-ear styles, and the AGXsm iQ micro RIC 312t is also available in a rechargeable option.

    The AGXssl iQ hearing aid offers wearers an invisible, custom-fit hearing solution featuring Audigy’s most advanced technology and supreme sound quality.

    AGXsp iQ and the NEW TruLink Remote

    The AGXsp iQ smartphone-compatible hearing aid enables connectivity with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch®, and select Android™ devices, providing the most natural audio experience yet, immersing you in the sounds of the things and places you love most. A brand-new wireless accessory, the TruLink Remote lets you control your AGXsp iQ without needing to go through your smartphone.

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