Jeanne Hill, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Jeanne Hill chose audiology as a career path because she wanted to help people and enrich their lives. After having earned a master’s degree in audiology from SUNY-Geneseo in 1995, she earned her clinical doctorate in audiology from Salus University in 2009. The two things she loves most about her profession are the relationships she builds with her patients and the constant improvements in technology that mean she can always offer her patients more options.

Dr. Hill joined our team in 1996, and she feels this is the right place for her because the practice prioritizes quality patient care, the owner is enthusiastic, and the staff is supportive, not just of the patients but of each other.

Jeanne maintains several gardens and loves being outdoors during warm weather. She also enjoys DIY projects and get-togethers with friends and family.

Dr. Hill is currently accepting new patients.